Sustainable Tourism

Sustainable Tourism: a new travel idea to change the world.

We strongly believe in the value of a holiday, in the possibility of changing the perspectives of our land threatened by pollution.

We have thought (and continually rethink) how to reduce the environmental impact of our structure, but above all how to allow all of you, who care about the environment, to walk this path with us, implementing many small changes for a new idea of tourism.

The rooms in our hotel comply with European standards aimed at reducing environmental impact and have:

  • Flow reducers
  • Automatic switching off of lights
  • Magnetic card for energy control
  • Led lamps
  • Shower / shampoo soap dispensers.

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Traveling aware

We have chosen to join the UP2YOU project which allows you to take concrete action in support of the environment. We will ask you to give up, when not really necessary, to a rearrangement of the room. So you can receive an exclusive code and plant a tree, a new source of oxygen!

The traveler, who decides for sustainable tourism, is not the one who renounces comfort, but the one who chooses to experience its impact on the environment with awareness.

colazione in hotel - Hotel Auralba San Vito Lo Capo

Close to producers

Our vision of sustainable tourism is not only about energy saving, but also about the conscious choice of local food and wine products.

At the breakfast buffet you will not find packaged products and industrial snacks because we avoid plastic and prefer craftsmanship.

We buy baked goods in the laboratories of San Vito Lo Capo and they are delivered to us in the morning, we reduce food waste, preferring a quality proposal.

For our aperitifs we choose local cured meats and cheeses and for our lunch bags, vegetables and fruit purchased locally.


We are part of the EcoBNB circuit, a portal that promotes sustainable tourism and conscious travel practices. We embrace the philosophy of the circuit that continuously provides hints and ideas to reduce the environmental impact of travel.

Albergo Auralba - San Vito Lo Capo

We have been supporters of projects related to eco-sustainability for years.

We contribute to the Siciliambiente Festival an international kermesse dedicated to documentaries, short films and animations related to environmental issues, sustainability and human rights.
We support Legambiente’s educational projects and battles.

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